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Reading is a conversation all books talk, but a good book listens as well. To live in the fervor and love for book reading and spending quality time with books as friends, with a collection of more than 2000 books, we have immense variety under diverse categories like subject based books, fictional and non-fictional story books, guides, novels, refreshers, general knowledge and current affairs volumes tomes of scholars, dictionaries, encyclopedias and huge collection of newspapers of different publication are available for not only the updation, upgradation and upliftment of a student but also to feel the close relation and fruitfulness of reading books.

In addition to library, there is another section in a library, where they can do their studies under a calm and quiet environment. This section is called “The reading room”. Some students find it very difficult to do their studies at their homes due to various reasons. This section is particularly useful for such students. The calm and quite aura of library helps them to feel better, read better and grasp better.