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Beyond the classroom


The school organizes and encourages students to take part in social activities to raise awareness about the diversity of our communities and to instil in them a spirit of citizenship and universal tolerance. These activities expose children to people from a variety of backgrounds and awaken in them a sense of community, cooperation and service to others. Examples of our social activities include sharing knowledge with differently abled children, tutoring peers who are academmically weaker or are from underprivileged or minority communities, or assisting social workers engaged in welfare work.


In addition to drawing and painting we also encourage our students to explore a wide range of crafts including pottery, handmade paper, recycling of paper. cotton spinning, weaving and textiles. Our arts and crafts facilities are well resourced to ensure students are able to have a wide ranging experience and develop a keen appreciation of the arts as well as of our traditions and culture.

Games and sports

At Delhi World Public school, we believe that sports plays a very important role in the life of a child. The quality of leadership, teamwork and sportsman spirit are learned on the sports field. Therefore, every child at a Delhi World Public school are encouraged to take up a sports being given a vast choice including football, cricket, volleyball, tennis, chess and much more. Our sports facilities are both for indoor and outdoor sports.