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Hostel- Your Second Home

The boarding students of Delhi World Public School are accommodated in spacious dorms which are fully designed keeping in mind the overall development of a child. Each occupant is entitled to designated study space on a study table and Malaysian plywood’s elegant and commodious Almirah and other furniture to give them a comfortable and classic feel.

The specially designed schedule for the students attempts to harmonize the physical, intellectual and moral growth of each student. While an active tutorial system of five hours (apart from regular school) reinforces the academic needs of the student. There is a highly structured academic monitoring specially for the hostel students through warden and academic caretaker. We follow our special hostel calendar allowing space for various activities, sports and co-scholastics like television time, table tennis, carom, chess, volley-ball, and cricket and much more for their physical development and recreation.

Five time pure vegetarian meal concept is being followed taking exceptional care of a nutritious and balanced diet along with liking prospective of children. One of the major features of the hostel is to allow the meeting of parents on monthly visit to school, so that the students are in active contact with their parents and parents can also get a chance to track the overall growth of their child. Safety and security of the hostel students is at priority with 24 hours security guards surveillance and wardens’ homely support. Delhi World Public School provides a second home experience to their hostel students for a better build out in school.