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The Republic of Kiribati

I was amazed to hear the name of Kiribati(pronounced: Kiribass). It is an archipelago, which is in all the four equators, the capital is South Tawara. Kiribati, officially the republic of Kiribati, is a sovereign state in Micronesia region of the central Pacific Ocean. The permanent population is just over 1,10,000 more than half of which lives in Tarawa atoll. The nation comprises of 32 atolls and reef islands and one raised coral island, Banaba. They have a total land area of 800 square km and dispersed over 3.5 million square km. Their spread straddles both the equator and the 180th meridian, although the international dateline goes round Kiribati and swings far to the east almost reaching the 50 degrees West meridian.

This brings the line islands into the same day as the Kiribati island. It is the eastern most island, having the most advance time on earth, UTC+ 14 hours. Kiribati became independent from the United Kingdom in 1979. The capital and also the most populated, South Tarawa consists of a number of islands connected by a series of causeways.

The distinct-features of such a small island not only make it unique but also attract me to explore more about it and share it with you all. The folk dance clips of Kiribati are awestrucking. The handicrafts are mind blowing to know, going and enjoying the regular and known places is an “old school stuff”. To identify the uniqueness of so many different and antique parts of the world has always attracted and appealed to me, and when it came to explore something which is timely ahead, it just stuck in my mind to pen it down.

By Preshita Malode

Head Girl

Delhi World Public School, Vidisha